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Speech tip: Speaking too fast?

Do you speak too rapidly? Is it hard for people to understand you?

Many people are afraid that they will sound unnatural if they slow down. Others simply don’t know how to do it!

Here are three simple techniques you can use to slow your speaking rate, while still sounding natural.

  1. Pause more, especially between phrases and sentences. Breathe, and let your listener breathe.
  2. Highlight the key words of your message by prolonging them slightly and raising your pitch. For example, try saying the sentence, “This is important!” Raise your voice pitch and very slightly prolong the syllable PORT in the key word “important.”
  3. Increase the pitch range of your voice. Many people find this slows them down a bit, in a good way. Typically, you want to begin and end your sentences with your voice low in pitch. If you pause in the middle of a sentence, give your voice an upward inflection. It tells your listener that you have more to say!

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